Why does investing in an on-demand packers and movers app prove to be a profitable business venture?

The fact that so many industries and services can use the on-demand model has only gone to prove that Uber is not just a new app or business but a business model and a business idea that can be used for almost every service industry.

Most of the time, industries that had intense needs but with a low frequency of orders always had the problem of brand disconnect. They could not be present at the right time for the right users. The industries include but are not limited to babysitting, handyman services, packing and moving services, courier services, and of course, cabs!

The relevance of Packers and movers

The packing and moving industry has not always been in the limelight. There was a time when a person’s residence depended on the place where they work. Also, until the second half of the 20th century, most people did not have a need to continuously move from one place to another or rather, from one city to another, and sometimes even countries. The task of packing and moving was confined largely to top brass administrative officers and defense personnel.

However, today because of the information technology revolution, there has constantly been an increasing need for professionals to move from one city to another. The new lifestyle has also meant that people will have to move entire houses, and there would be quite a lot of things to move. This is where the relevance of an Uber for packers and movers application comes in.

A moving app like Uber will ensure that the packers and movers are always in a position to connect with their prospects, and as a corollary, the users always have a choice to choose between multiple service providers. On the surface, it might seem that the app might make the landscape competitive. However, the introduction of the app only ensures that the entire industry achieves a higher business volume.

The revenue generation model

Just like Uber, the on-demand packers and movers app provides a platform for prospective customers to connect with the businesses that offer moving services. Although Uber for movers app development can cost some money, it is easy to recover the expenses by charging a commission from the businesses for every order that is facilitated by the app.

In addition, there are a few minor revenue channels like promotions and in-app advertisements.

Creating your app for movers and packers

Uber has given a universal template for all on-demand applications. There are three different applications that need to be built for the entire ecosystem to smoothly function: the customer app, the mover app, and the administrator app. Each app needs to have its own set of features that make it easy for the party using the app to execute the desired process.

The customer app

It would not be an exaggeration to say that customers are the proper revenue centers for the app. Therefore, the app for the customer needs to be designed in such a way that it makes the process extremely easy for the customer.

Geolocation is one of the most important features that contributed to the awesomeness and profitability of apps like Uber. The geolocation feature ensures that the service provider can access the location of the customer without any difficulty, and also navigate to that particular location.

The customer needs to be provided with easy payment options. Today, there are a lot of digital payment methods, including but not limited to credit cards, debit cards, wallets, internet banking, and transfers. The payment gateway that your app integrates with should be flexible enough to accommodate all these payment methods.

In activities like moving, communication is of vital importance. The customer should be able to communicate with the business without leaving the application. Even the calls to the business have to be facilitated through the app-it would be better if an exclusive number for the app was provided, so it is easy to keep track of the calls and the businesses.

The customer should be able to get a cost estimate of the entire moving process based on the distance, the mode of transportation, and the number of items to be moved. The actual cost could possibly vary from the estimate, but the difference should not be drastic.

Above everything, the customer should be provided with a top-notch user interface that will facilitate flawless and intuitive execution of the processes through an interactive method. In addition to that, a few features like social sharing, scheduling of appointments and pickups, and splitting of fares will ensure that you are on demand packers and movers app find runaway success.

Apps for movers

As much as customers, they need to be a few important features in place for businesses providing moving services.

The business should have detailed reports on all the orders executed through the app. This will help them gauge the profit and the volumes of business. They should also get detailed reports on the daily and monthly earnings, including the details on taxes and commissions.

Each business should be able to create a detailed profile on the services that they offer, the locations that they cater to, and their field of expertise, whether it is domestic movement or corporate movement. Having these details will ensure that they only get the right customers, and they do not have any bad reputation because of missing expectations.

There might be instances when a few small or medium moving companies operate in their full capacity. Under such circumstances, they should be able to deactivate their status on the app, so they do not get new orders. It should be noted that they are not disconnecting from the services but only temporarily disabling the services.

Just like how customers need to communicate with the business, the business also will have a need to communicate with the customer. The communication should happen through text messaging without the business leaving the app. This ensures that there is a greater degree of accountability and record-keeping of the conversations.

Most of the payments by customers are made online. The businesses should be able to quickly get the payments for their services to their bank accounts from the app. This increases the credibility of the app, and the businesses are bound to do more business as long as they get the profit that they deserve in the quickest possible time.

The admin app

The admin functions as the overseeing authority over all the activities of the app both from the side of the customer and the business. The admin should have a dashboard that gives them a complete overview of the important statistics like the number of active movements, the customer requests, and the commissions paid out to the businesses.

The admin should also have the capacity to disable users and businesses based on the feedback from customers and businesses alike. In short, they are responsible for the upkeep of the sanity and sanctity of the app.

Creating an Uber for movers

Considering the changing landscape of employment and the increasing demand for intercity movement, starting your own Uber for movers and packers surely seems like a lucrative and profitable business idea. If you would like to create your app, all you need to do is get in touch with companies that specialize in Uber clone app development.

As you can understand, the skeleton for most of this location-based on-demand apps remains the same. All that needs to be done is a little bit of customization. The app development company will take care to understand your requirements and execute the changes accordingly, so you are all set to launch your app for packers and movers.

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