What does it take to launch a Social media app like Helo?

Did you know Internet users spent a whopping 2 hours and 22 minutes of their 24 hours on Social Networking sites? Hard to believe, isn’t it? Social media platforms have become an integral part of people’s lives. When you look at the category of apps that tops the charts every time, it will inevitably be social media apps. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Helo, etc., have established themselves in the market, drawing massive attention towards them. 

Entrepreneurs needn’t miss out on this lucrative business opportunity. You can launch a social media app like Helo instantly. In this blog, let’s discuss what it takes to develop a top-notch social media platform. 

All you need to follow is five simple steps 

An entrepreneur can eliminate various hurdles down the way by following these five steps. These simple steps provide an overall clarity of how to approach social media app development. They include, 

  • Analyzing the business needs 
  • Designing the UI/UX of the app
  • Developing the front-end and back-end of the platform
  • Testing the app for bugs and defects 
  • Deploying the app and providing support 

Have an eye on these factors 

  • Know your competitors: Your competitors in the market can pave the way for your success. By performing extensive competitive research, you can open up the areas where your competitors are lacking, thereby enabling you to provide a defect-free app to the audience. 
  • Have an organized timeline: One major mistake that entrepreneurs commit while developing a social media app is run out of funds or resources halfway. To avoid unforeseen circumstances, plan your app development, and strictly adhere to the timeline. 
  • Focus on app marketing: No matter what app you develop, your platform cannot be successful until it reaches the right audience at the right time. Hence, dedicate a specified timeframe for your app marketing, boosting your visibility substantially. 

The app features are attention seekers 

No other parameter can draw the audience at an enhanced rate like features. It is the features that interact with your customers and offer them an enriched app experience. Some of the features worth-considering include, 

  • In-app chat to let users interact with their social community seamlessly. 
  • Status updates to enable users to interact with one another. 
  • Push notifications to update users on new messages, posts, etc. 
  • AR filters to enhance the camera effects of users, making the app stand apart. 
  • Location-based content to suggest users on the local content within a particular region. 

If you are developing a social media app like Helo, you need to provide the utmost care in delivering an enticing feature-set. 

The development cost depends on several factors 

It is impossible to determine a fixed cost for app development as it depends on several factors. Some of the constraints that impact the overall budget include, 

  • The features you integrate into the social media app.
  • The development team. 
  • The region of your app development. 
  • The complexity of your app design, etc. 

It may take anywhere between 3 to 5 months to develop a basic app, capable of running seamlessly. 

Do not forget to note this productive, time-conserving development process 

What if there’s a way to bypass all these steps and launch an app instantly? In this era of modern advancements, almost anything is possible. You can approach app development companies for clone app solutions, customize the clone app, and launch the app instantly. 

The Helo clone app development comes with lucrative benefits. Some of the advantages include, 

  • Clone apps are extremely pocket-friendly.
  • You needn’t waste time developing the app. The process is time-conserving.
  • A seasoned team of experts develops the app for you.
  • The app solutions are highly scalable, enabling you to have instant traction. 

Wrapping up, 

Social media apps are gaining the center stage in customers’ smartphones. Entrepreneurs needn’t hesitate to invest in developing a social media app like Helo. All you have to do is get in touch with an expert app development company, tell them your needs, and launch an app right away!

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