What are the areas to deploy the Face recognition software?

Security plays a vital role in our society today. Recent newspapers are filled with articles that showcase data thefts, privacy issues, and so on. When we consider employee attendance software based on face recognition, it uses various encryption levels, thereby protecting users’ data from external breaches. Face recognition software is a biometric device, capable of identifying an individual based on their unique facial features. As this recognition system is based on face IDs, it is nearly impossible to impersonate.

The face recognition system is one of the trending topics in the current security systems. It has been deployed in corporate organizations, homeland security, airports, etc. 

Trends and facts related to face recognition software 

Face recognition software is gaining popularity all over the world, mainly due to its efficiency and effectiveness in recognizing faces. Let us see the impact it has created in various sectors,

  • According to Allied market research, the face recognition software is expected to grow by $9.6 billion by 2022.
  • The US Department of Homeland security predicts that almost 97% of the security will be based on the face recognition system by 2023.
  • In the United States, US Customs and Border Security (CBS) maintains a database that shows that the matching provided by the face recognition is 99% accurate.
  • The face recognition technology uses 80 distinct markers to identify the unique characteristics of an individual face. In the US, CBS matches against passport photos for the international visitors and US citizens. It keeps track of the data stored for 14 days, according to the US airport rules.
  • The first time face recognition software was deployed in Washington Dulles International Airport in August 2018. Currently, it is used across 18 airports in the US.

Current & Future Prospects of face recognition software

In the current era where there are increasing cases of ethical hacking and cybersecurity breaches, there is a need for a secure and reliable face recognition system. Here is a list of areas that are currently being used and a certain sector that can increase their productivity with the face recognition system.

  • Face passcode

There has been a drastic increase in the number of cybercrimes. Hackers are devising new ways to decipher passwords and gain access to critical information. On the other hand, face recognition systems can act as a gateway to secure sensitive data as they only use face markings for matching, making it impossible to reciprocate.


  • E-commerce Website 

E-commerce websites have become a significant source for shopping worldwide. In these websites, the payment gateways have a lot of procedures, making it time-consuming for customers during transactions. Rather than entering the card details or e-wallet details, payment gateways can use individual facial characteristics for transactions. This process is hassle-free and also eliminates the fraudulent activities associated with card transactions.


  • Employee attendance system

The fingerprint and biometric scanner are not as productive as the face recognition system. The employee time attendance software can track the ‘in’ and ‘out’ timings of employees with sheer convenience. The system will automatically update the database with employee details along with a timestamp. Some of the advantages of using this system for workplace management are,

  • Visitor and employee tracking: The visitor management system and the face recognition software will easily help admin keep track of the current whereabouts of visitors and employees.
  • Increased staff productivity: With the comprehensive admin dashboard, employees will manage the employee working hours.

The bottom line

The world is moving with the latest technology as they provide better prospects and managing capabilities. One of the recent security system trends is the employee time attendance software with that organization can increase productivity and provide convenience to the employees.


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