UberEATS’ strategies that you should consider for your new delivery business

Initially, people had to wait for days and stand in queues to get their needs. One such service that almost frustrated everyone is ride-hailing. It was never an easy job for any individual. They had to make phone calls, look for availability, and then get their cab confirmed. But today the worry is no more. The inception of on-demand services has created comfort for people to get their requirements at the time of the request. The ride-hailing company, Uber, created remarkable revenue in a short time when it launched its taxi-hailing application. With a single tap on mobile screens, people were able to make bookings whenever they were in need. The company achieved millions of downloads in a few months of its inauguration, which boosted its growth and standard among people around the world. 

However, the company reported that it faced a loss of $1 billion after its initial public offering (i.e., in its first quarter). In contrast, it started to generate revenue immensely via its food delivery application, UberEATS. Uber created this application separately, i.e., dedicated only to deliver food. Shortly, the app managed to become successful, and today, it has an increasingly global footprint. Since the service is a part of Uber’s, it can hire drivers that use its ride-hailing service. 

In addition to this, the revenue growth of the food delivery service was recently announced by Uber’s CEO. In its first quarter, UberEATS generated $536 million, eliminating the cost it pays for incentives. This measure represented 89% more than the last year’s quarter, i.e., an increase of 23%. Also, they recognized a rise in the total monthly active users to 93 million, which was 70 million last year (due to UberEATS). But still, UberEATS serves only a small fraction of the company’s entire business. Currently, the company is experimenting with UberEATS promotion to passengers using its ride-hailing app to increase its rank among customers. 

A few other strategies are also being processed by the company to gain trust from users. If you are an entrepreneur who is planning to start a UberEATS like app, the competition that you face in the market will be huge. And it becomes certain for you to come up with new marketing strategies to remain unbeaten in the industry. This blog will give you information about the business tactics that Uber applies. You can glance at it before getting into the business. 

  • Search for the right partnerships:

When you compare UberEATS with other food delivery businesses, you can notice that it maintains a unique and meaningful relationship with restaurant owners who join its network. The company developed many operations and marketing roles to attract restaurants, and one major priority was to interact with premium restaurant partners. This strategic plan has led them to grow and continue on-boarding new clients around the world. A few other things that the company offered its partners are listed as follows,

  1. Instant delivery options and cross-promotional opportunities 
  2. Engaged and Involved its restaurant’s owners to brainstorm and develop ways to become more delivery-friendly. 
  3. Aided small budgetary restaurants with its unique marketing efforts


  • First test and expand later:

Not only Uber’s taxi service was tested but also UberEATS’ was experimented in Toronto before the company decided to expand. This was carried out since Uber wanted to monitor and receive feedback from its customers and fix bugs accordingly. This helped them to react in real-time while scrutinizing the app to become more user-friendly. Moreover, this strategy assisted them to make customizable apps to suit each region. Therefore, it is necessary to test small and expand your business later. Only when you get to know what people expect from your business, you can create new ways. 

  •  Innovate and integrate:

To become more user-friendly and accessible for your customers, you must continuously look for opportunities to display your uniqueness. Even Uber lacked consumers during its initial stage due to its surge pricing and delivery fees. Moreover, the app only showed five dishes per day to maintain instant delivery. But now, the app is renovated and offering a customization option for its users to receive meals of their preference. So, it is mandatory to know where you lack and adapt to new techniques immediately.  

  • Get feedback from customers: 

This is one vital factor to consider when you plan to start a food delivery business. Though the market has many delivery services, there still be many demands among the customers, and it is essential to know those for your business betterment. Once you provide what your customers expect, they can even pay a little more and stop seeing the cost as an issue. Collect feedback and maintain a review system to more about the necessities. 

  • Create engageable content regularly:

Investigate to provide relevant and timely content for your customer-base like creating and sharing user-generated content such as food photos. Offer discounts and other delight deliveries for your customers based on events and celebrations. Your customers will definitely love this strategy, as this makes them more engageable. But make sure to integrate new content based on customer feedback. 

Thus, these are the strategies that are commonly followed by the company to increase its integrity. But it solely depends on how effectively you provide it to your customers. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you opt for an UberEATS clone or start from scratch, all you have to do is to plan your strategies well.