A telemedicine app is a catalyst in the growth of healthcare services.

John Nosta, a digital health philosopher, stated that ‘We’re seeing an interesting convergence of medicine, social issues and human progress.’ The development of telemedicine apps is a great progression in the field of medicine as well as for humankind. Availing and providing medical services right from one’s place is beyond Telemedicine apps are witnessing an increase in usage. Before the onset of the pandemic, according to the Statista report, it was estimated that the telemedicine market size would increase to $41.2 billion by 2021. We do know the massive alteration that has been happening in the telemedicine sector ever since the pandemic, and by 2021 we can expect the market to grow more than what was estimated.

Advantages of telemedicine apps 

Saves times and money

It saves an ample amount of time for the patients. In a study by the University of California, it was found that telemedicine apps save 9 years of travel time and $3 million for an average patient. Then consider the situation of those with chronic illnesses and the amount of time, money, and energy they could save by availing medical service using the telemedicine app. 

Ability to reach out to doctors anywhere from the world.

Just in case you need the opinion of the best doctor around the globe, the telemedicine app comes in handy to connect with any doctor from any part of the world. 

The fact that with simply a smartphone, people can avail medical service is the brownie point. For those in a remote location and have no access to the clinics nearby, this is a valuable tool to get immediate medical services. 

Sustainable quality services 

In a study of 8,000 patients who used telemedicine services, it was found that there is no difference between the virtual appointment and visiting the doctor in person. Thus the patient can get a sustained quality service through virtual doctor consultation and need not necessarily travel to the doctor’s clinic for minor illnesses. 

Easy track of Medical reports and history

It is only normal that people keep losing track of their medical history reports. The telemedicine app effectively saves the medical information in the app, accessed by the patient and the doctors quickly. The reports are private and can only be accessed by other doctors if the user grants permission.

Users get access to multiple services 

Users can get access to many health care services from a common telemedicine app. Right seeking a cardiologist to a psychologist, numerous services are available in the app that the users can search and avail. This is not the case in getting healthcare by traditional means. 

Easy administration 

The healthcare setups who own a telemedicine app can easily monitor their hospital and the services using the app. This helps them get in touch with the doctors, patients, lab technicians, and provide a seamless service.

Few popular telemedicine apps into development are the Practo clone, Teladoc clone, and the zocdoc clone.

Key Features of a telemedicine app 

Online appointments

Patients can book for online appointments with the doctor, which is notified to the doctor and accepts it based on the schedule. 

Instant messaging 

Using instant messaging features, patients and doctors can connect instantly.

Video consulting 

Patients and doctors can connect with each other for medical appointments using the video calling system. It is as effective as visiting the doctors in-office. 

Group conferencing 

Multiple users can connect using the group conferencing feature providing an elaborative and enhanced medical consultation with a number of healthcare professionals. 

Medical reports and prescription

The patient’s medical report can be uploaded, saved, and shared with the concerned authorities. Doctors can also provide e-prescription for the patients through the telemedicine app.  

Regulatory compliance 

All the medical reports, user data in the app are private and maintained with confidentiality. 

About 74% of patients in the US are found to use Telehealth services, and they are soon taking over their place in developing countries around the world as well. 

Indulge in telemedicine app development to provide quality medical services to the users.