Redefine the video-conferencing experience with the state-of-the-art Zoom Clone

We can rename the year 2020 as a year of uncertainties, as the backstory of it mostly relies on the drastic change of routine lives. It has made everyone adopt a new lifestyle by bringing in conditions like total lockdown and social distancing across the globe. Because of this, many companies had to shift to work in the digital environment instead of working usually. But the issue was when co-workers couldn’t interact visually just like they do when operating normally. That was when the video conferencing applications made their entry. 

If one video conferencing or chatting app is to be added under the category of overnight success, it would be the Zoom meetings app. In just a few days, the app became the most installed non-entertainment app around the world. 

According to Statista, the app has been downloaded 27 million times in the month of March, while compared to 2.1 million times in January month. 

What is the Zoom app?

Zoom is a video chatting/conferencing application that allows companies to conduct meetings remotely by providing high-quality video and audio calls that would support about 1000 participants in a single session. 

Though it is widely used but not limited to the corporate industry, the app is used in various other sectors too. They are used in sectors like education, religion, sports, the government sector, etc. People are also making use of the app to interact with their friends and families. Due to its demand in many industries, which doesn’t seem to fade any time sooner, the app is becoming an eye candy for many businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Looking at your presence here, I’m assuming that you are one among them. So, why not introduce you to the Zoom Clone app. Without beating around the bush, let’s dive into the subject at our hands.

Is it wise to develop a Zoom Clone app?

Any business you take contains competitors or dreamers flooding to reach the top, and this is not something with the Zoom Clone either. But the originality of your app is seen by others only when you bring something unique out of your app. And to make it memorable is to bring in some features and functionalities that would make the app withstand any storms, albeit virtually. 

Adding additional features is fine, but without some basic features, the app would be of no use at all. So here are some features that hold great importance in any video conferencing app. 


Though this feature is not there in the Zoom app, you can introduce this feature to offer an engaging experience to your users. You can also give them the quality of registering with the social media platforms to make it easier. 

Access to the contact list

There is no chatting application that would be possible without contacts. By using people’s real names or nicknames, others can search the contact using search engines, or by integrating the phonebook, the users can contact their friends through the app. One best way can be Google Contacts API integration into the solution. 

Video/Voice calls:

The chief ingredient of a video conferencing app is this feature. Apart from just video calls, offering voice calls should also be considered. The video calls should abide by the quality standards, and the audio should be audible and loud. Try to optimize the real-time connections with your best efforts. 

In-app chats

There would be times when people don’t want to make a call or would prefer chatting if the network is not feasible. Even during meetings, people can use this feature to have some discussions during the session itself. To integrate a texting feature Twilio can be used. 

Group call

For the organizational meetings, the one-to-one setup won’t be sufficient. Design a prototype, depending upon your target audience. If the app is for corporate, keep the target only above 50 users. If it is a fun conversation with friends and families, provide support by offering ten participants per call. 

Screen sharing

This is the must-have feature of any video conferencing app. It helps people in presenting the screen’s content that they can also share with others. The feature comes in handy for presentations, tutorials, and even while watching movies. Its use is flexible for both official purposes and day-to-day conversations. 

Virtual hand-raising

During a meeting that holds numerous participants, this feature helps the participant to convey their need to speak to the host. It is done with virtual emoji that indicates a raising hand. It is essential as it prevents multiple people from speaking at the same time and maintaining professionalism in the meeting. 

Virtual background

To maintain a presentable and professional is essential in many meetings. With this feature, users can blur or have any background of their choice to avoid their messier background, if any. 

And the list goes on and on. On the whole, these are some essential features you can include along with other additional features of your choice.


The demand is not going to drop all of a sudden, seeing the rise of such video conferencing apps. So, this would be the right time for you to launch an app with the Zoom Clone script. The scripts work with the formula of less investment = more profit. So why are you waiting? Get in touch with the best development company now!