Reasons why you should choose Netflix Clone as a mud hook for your business

From ‘Why’ to ‘How’, the necessity of creating a video- streaming app has grown exponentially. As years have passed, people have realised that the online video streaming service is not a good-to-have business model but a must have model. 

Everyone starting from a small child to senior citizens know at least to operate an app by themselves. Then, why won’t youths have the same adulation? By having the freedom and ability to access any entertainment videos, the choice of the audience is also changing. No one wants to sit in front of the TV waiting for good shows and movies. Everybody is now willing to watch anything from anywhere at any time. 


So with such a compelling industry, why can’t you create one as a new step of your venture with a video streaming app clone? Let’s start with looking at the required components, benefits of developing an app  and the things that need to be considered. 

With your own app, you don’t have to wait for  any opportunities. You will not only have your own content, but you could also choose the revenue model of your choice. You could customize your content and brand, which ensures the distribution of content in a wide manner while also maximizing the revenue along with it. 

Benefits of having customized Netflix Clone:

There are some better benefits from having an app that is developed from the Netflix Clone solutions. Using the app, you could directly reach and engage with your audience. Generating the uniform brand experience will find the platform not only familiar but recognizable when they watch any content. 

Increase in brand awareness: 

Online streaming videos are proven to increase brand awareness, interest and perception. As per a research report, 71% of teens spend at least three hours per day on OTT platforms. By this you could get to know about the behaviour, understanding thereby making way to a loyal fan base. 


Using cloud based solutions can help businesses to extend their scale and in magnifying the revenue of their business. The CDN helps to organise and anticipate the demands of the consumers. 

Reduced cost and time:

Building an app from scratch may be time-consuming since it involves sourcing and combining all the technologies. But the usage of Netflix Clone solution can decrease the cost and time that it takes. 

 Things to consider before developing the app:

  • Market research: The basic to-do activity before developing the app is to set a base for the app, for it to be successful. You have to find your targeted audience and what their preferences are and in what form do they prefer. No matter whether you are just a beginner or you are the owner of a large content. Doing market research is an essential step. 
  • Licensing the content: The information which is collected regarding the target audience must be valued for selecting the right content so that the viewers will value. By having a great source of content, you could know about what type of regional and local content to offer, what premium content to get and what content needs to get exclusive rights to drive viewer engagement. 
  • Revenue model selection: Revenue model must be chosen in order to fit all the requirements of the content and business plans. Having a customized app would give the flexibility for you to choose the revenue model that is right for you. Some examples of revenue models can be subscription based, advertisement based and pay-per-view that can be integrated into the app. 
  • Marketing: It is just a single part to have your video content ready. The other part for a successful app lies in the marketing. The efficient way is to bundle up all the content and promote it in the right way. The promotion can be done by social media integration, notifications, recommendation engine and few more. These can give a maximum reap the maximum engagement for the videos. 
  • Analytics: With your own app, you are the owner for selecting the content to be delivered. You can either deliver content worldwide or just for some specific regions.  Analytics reports can help you with leveraging trends of demographics. Pictorial representation or graphical representation of the analytics can be used for a simpler analysis so that you could improve the app for a better user experience. 


Why choose a Netflix Clone solution instead of developing from scratch? 

# You could customize your product by choosing the player, server to host, encryption all by yourself. You could customize the platform for your requirements.

# Instead of having to pay for every step of development, you can pay an affordable price and own the platform. Everything starting from the content library to choosing revenue models and from social media integration to geo-location restrictions, can be chosen by you.

# Choose a platform of your choice to host the content like on-cloud or on-premise. Deployment on a cloud is the efficient way for better scalability and storage. 


Consumers prefer a Netflix Clone app that would be more engaging and which provide a good experience. So, choose the wiser way for developing it and launch an app in a shorter time in a cost effective way.