Propel your e-commerce service with our ultimate e-commerce app solution

The market for E-commerce platforms is continuously growing and showing a sharp trend in recent years. The pandemic didn’t stop the growth of the ecommerce industry but surprisingly has only increased it.
According to a stat, the e-commerce industry will reach $5879 millions by 2022. To top the e-commerce industry, as a business provider, you should opt for smarter options that align with the customer’s lifestyle. There are plenty of ways to amplify your business with the ultimate e-commerce app development solutions.

In a parallel universe, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence (AI) are booming to provide smarter options for humans. Artificial intelligence helps the e-commerce industry in multiple ways. For say, if the user purchases a product, makes the payment, and leaves the site. Next time when the user visits the site, the app suggests similar products that the user bought previously. This is called targeting.
Similarly, let’s assume that the user buys a dress. When the user selects the clothing, a combination of accessories, and shoes will come up as suggestions. So this is another way of promoting the products.

One of the essential features of a custom-built e-commerce application solution is the provision for multiple wallet systems. According to a stat, people abandon their cart due to unavailability of flexible payment options. Other ideas of increasing the adaptability of e-commerce applications include:

  • Incorporate chatbots. A study reveals that upto 73% of users are satisfied with the assistance provided by chatbots.
  • A responsive design highly accounts. Develop mobile-friendly applications.
  • Of all, the UI accounts to the greatest extent. People prefer easy-to-understand UI design over flashy designs.
  • The basic architecture of the app:

    Here is the basic workflow of our e-commerce app development solutions.

  • Users will log in to the app using their email ID or social media handles.
  • With the inbuilt category filter, users can search their desired products.
  • Users will add the items to the cart based on the stock availability.
  • The admin will confirm the order once the user makes the payment.
  • Upon confirmation, the user receives a message with the tracking Id.
  • Users can input their review based on the quality of service.
  • Important features that make the app outstand from your competitors:

    An application becomes a success if it has new features compared with the other competitor apps. Launch the ultimate e-commerce app development solution with the list of critical elements.

    Customer Panel:

    User profile- Users can log into the app with their email id or social media handles. The admin verifies all the details.

    Intelligent search filter- Users can select their product in a jiffy with the category filter option.

    Abandoned cart- Sometimes users may add the items to the cart and abandon it without making payments. The app will send reminder emails to users.

    Push notifications- Users will not miss out any notifications from the app. The app will send messages as push notifications.

    Order history- Users can view their previous order details like the list of items, bill amount, discounts, etc., in the order history tab.

    Order Tracking- Once users make the payment, the admin will confirm the order and send the tracking Id to users.

    Promo codes/Coupon codes- You can delight your customers with coupon codes that can be claimed on purchasing selected products.

    Delivery person panel:

    The features here list out the tasks to be carried out by the delivery person.

    Profile setup- Like the user, the delivery person will also have to register with the app.

    User information- The delivery has access to the user’s details to deliver the products to them.

    Inbuilt GPS- To aid the delivery person, the app has an inbuilt GPS to reach the customer’s place.

    Admin Panel:

    The admin has access to both the user and delivery person panels. Admin is responsible for resolving all the queries from users.

    Product management– The admin will verify the products of sellers. If any of the sellers fail to abide by the app policy, the admin can remove that particular seller from the app.

    Stock management- The admin will update the inventory and maintain a record of items sold and the number of confirmed orders.

    Payment management- The admin is responsible for managing the payments done by the user. In case of any failure in the transaction, the admin will resolve the issue.


    I hope the above content will find your attention. We are looking forward to onboard your application. With our complete range of E-commerce application development solutions, you can easily step into the e-commerce industry. Takeaways from our solutions include white-label, customizability and scalability.