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Major factors to be considered before developing an Uber for Courier App

As each day goes by, people are searching for new solutions that will make their life easier. In the digital world, everything will reach you at your doorstep. Similarly, the on-demand courier delivery business came to the market only a few years ago and is one of the key on-demand services in the industry. The courier delivery providers are now looking for new strategies that will help them take their business to the next level. They are analyzing the expectations of the customers currently. Accordingly, they plan to develop their business towards it. This will help them earn loyal customers. 

However, there are a few trends that they should be aware of before analyzing the customers. They are:

  • Deliver globally:

The customers will not prefer an app that delivers only within the city. They would look for a service that will cater globally. They will want to send packages across the globe. So, make sure you provide your services worldwide. 

  • Outsourcing:

Now, this aspect will help you provide service quickly and efficiently as you can direct your delivery requests to third-party executives and pay them for that. This way, you will cover more customers, and no requests will be missed. 

  • Automated process:

Make the entire process automatic. Manually assigning delivery executives will not work in today’s world. Include algorithms in your app to assign delivery agents automatically.

  • An optimized app:

The Uber for courier app provided for use should be easy to operate. Search filters and favorite lists will help the user find the information they want easily. Develop an app based on business needs and take customer suggestions into account to optimize the app further. 

The customers have a few expectations that can be found out via performing research on the on-demand market. You have to provide a service that will satisfy all these expectations.  Let us take a look at what they are.

  • Track the status of the package:

The customer should be able to track the location of the package until the delivery phase. This will give them an assurance that their package is safe and traveling towards the destination. Also, providing photo updates will be an added leverage. 

  • Choose the desired location:

The user should be allowed to specify the location of their choice. Going the extra mile for the customer will earn their loyalty towards the service. Options should also be available to send anonymous packages on occasions when the user wants to gift their loved one. 

  • Scheduled delivery:

The option to schedule package deliveries should be present in the app. Users will schedule deliveries, and the delivery executives will reach the location a few minutes before the specified time and collect the package. The customer will be reminded about the scheduled delivery a few hours before the time mentioned via push notifications and calls.

Integrating TMS with the app:

A proper transport management system (TMS) should be added to the app to ensure that the packages are delivered properly to the correct destination. The TMS has several advantages, as stated below:

  • Optimized routes:

The routes through which the vehicle should travel can be automatically found using the TMS system. It will find the easiest route that will help the driver deliver the package within the estimated time. 

  • Save more with TMS:

The cost spent on transportation will be cut down by more than 20%. The driver can make multiple deliveries when he covers a long route. If there are multiple customers in his route, he can make a stop at each customer’s location and deliver the package without any hassle. 

  • Analyze and modify:

If any issues occur with the delivery system, then you can analyze the reports available in the TMS system. It will help you find the problem with the delivery and rectify it. 

  • Live tracking:

The package should be tracked until it reaches the specified destination. Live updates via messages, emails, and photos should be sent to the customer. They will be at peace, knowing that their package is in safe hands. The administrator can also track the status of the package to know if the delivery is being done properly. 

  • Centralized information:

All details related to transportation and delivery will be available in the transportation management system. The administrator will find it easy to access all the information from a single centralized system. 

  • Increased productivity:

With the help of optimized routes and package delivery plans, productivity will increase rapidly. Packages will be delivered earlier than specified. This will get you a large number of customers. 


After carefully considering all these factors, an on-demand courier development process can be initiated. Decide on strong features to grab the attention of the customers. Contact us to develop and launch a clone app at the best prices for your service.