It’s high time to invest in video streaming app clone: Here are the major factors to consider during Netflix clone app development 

Everyone of us has witnessed the entertainment industry’s transition through the past few years with so many video streaming apps. Each app has a unique selling proposition to capture its target audience. Though popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus are similar in the way, they all provide rich content to users, but each of the apps has a unique and innovative approach to attract customers. One of the common strategies followed by video streaming apps is offering customers a free trial to access the apps’ content for a month or so. After the trial period commences, people are lured into subscribing to Netflix like apps as they want to watch popular movies and shows. 

Interesting facts related to on-demand video streaming apps 

  • According to a report from TechCrunch, Hulu had 24 million subscribers at the end of 2019. This growth is proliferated with a tremendous increase in revenue, as of 2017, it had revenue of $132 million.
  • Netflix users generate about 40% of global internet traffic. Considering the number of people using the internet globally, this is a huge percentage.
  • As of 2017, 1 billion hours were spent watching content on Netflix. 

In order to develop a video streaming app clone, it is essential to understand the reasons behind the success of Netflix like app. This blog highlights those reasons, along with other crucial factors like features to include. It is going to be an interesting read for the budding entrepreneurs and app developing aspirants.

Reasons behind the success of Netflix 

These are the major reasons for the success of Netflix. Ensure that the Netflix clone app development company offers an application that includes the following factors:

Personalization: With the wide variety of content available in the video streaming app like Netflix, users find it difficult to locate the content of their choice. Netflix employs an advanced Machine Learning algorithm to analyze the data based, search history, and watch history and provides related recommendations to the users. 

Flexibility: Users can use the application using any of the personal devices of their choice. They can also use the cast option and cast it on television and watch it from there.

Ad-free content: Users can stream and watch ad-free content on the popular video streaming service platform, Netflix. There are only advertisements for users who are streaming using trial run. So this also acts as a way to encourage customers to subscribe to the app to watch interruption-free videos.

Original Content: People subscribe to the popular streaming platform to binge-watch Netflix’s original content. These original shows and movies take the audience viewership experience to a different level. Major production houses are taking Netflix content as a trademark and inspiring to develop such movies. 

Features to consider for video streaming app solutions

The following are features offered by popular streaming app solutions. 

  • Video sharing: Users can share favorite movies and shows to their friends on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Live video streaming: With several options to watch their favorite shows, people have the adrenaline rush while watching live sporting actions of their favorite teams, be it any sports event like football, basketball, cricket. Try to provide a wide variety of live content such as sports, fitness videos, and music concerts. 
  • Content Search: People can search for their favorite content in terms of genre, actors, title using the search bar. Netflix clone also offers to locate the preferred movies from well-segregated lists. Admin can send their customers emails related to the latest content; this is a popular way to retain customers. 
  • Roulette: Users have to select the genre in the content language of their choice and click the spin button. Then, a random list of the videos that fall under the category is listed. This is one of the preferred features in an app like Netflix, as people can watch the undiscovered content using this feature.


While choosing the video streaming application, make sure it provides features according to the current market trends. There is a need for effective cloud storage so that users can stream content interruption-free. Consider these factors and choose the best company for your complete clone script for Netflix.


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