How to develop an app for your dog walking service?

Dogs are the most faithful companions of humans. This is a popular saying that many people strongly believe in. When you have a dog at your house, you have to take care of it, walk it daily, feed good quality food, and more. Every dog owner will enjoy doing this. But, on the days when you are tired and reach home late after work or a get-together, you will not have the energy to walk your dog. When it stares at you with an innocent face, you will be helpless, but will still have to take it for a walk. 

Many dog owners would have faced this problem at times. To overcome this, the Uber for Dog Walking app was developed. The main agenda of the app was to provide dog walkers or sitters to the people. This app was built on a model similar to that of Uber. The basic flow of the app is as follows:

  • The owner of the pet specifies the location and places a request.
  • A nearby dog-walker or sitter will accept the request
  • The live location of the dog walker will be accessible by the pet owner. 
  • Once the time limit is over, the pet will reach your home safely
  • Payment is made using the app
  • The pet owner can give his/her reviews and feedback.

During the initial stage, there were two dog-walking services that became a hit among the customers. One is Rover, and the other one is Wag. These two apps ruled the market for a few years, and they had a stronger & larger customer base. Below listed are a few facts about the success of the two apps:


  • Rover is still one of the leading dog-walking service providers in the market. It was founded in the year 2011 in Seattle, Washington. 
  • It has an annual revenue of $11million. 
  • Around 65,000 dog-sitters and walkers have registered themselves with Rover to date. 
  • Their services start from $20, and they give instant updates based on parameters such as food and water breaks, distance covered, and more. 
  • Two levels of verification have to be taken up by the dog walkers or sitters before they get their approval. 
  • They provide technical support 24/7 and also rescue animals if required. 


  • Wag was first established in Los Angeles in the year 2014.
  • The annual revenue of the Wag company has reached $2.5 million. 
  • They work just like an Uber app, and they provide dog-walking or sitting services from $20. 

Why do you need an on-demand dog-walking app?

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to enter into the dog-walking business, then you need to have an effective app. It will help you reach the customers and make your process simple. With an online app, you do not have to undergo the effort of assigning a dog-walker or sitter to each owner. The app will take care of it. Similarly, the user does not have to contact you and wait for the dog-walker to reach. He can get the nearest person to serve his request in a short time. 

How do you build an Uber for Dog walking app?

If you wish to develop a dog-walking app, then make use of the following ideas to build a robust, efficient, and attractive app. 

Know your competitors well:

Make a list of all the companies that provide the dog-walking service. Analyze their apps and check if they have any unique features in their app. Also, take a glance at their reviews to include any options that the customer needs. After you get to know all the key competitors and their strategies, you have to decide on what your approach will be towards the customers. You can include the geographical areas they have left out, cover all categories of audiences, and offer additional products such as dog food, toys & more. 

Have a fixed set of pet services:

When you are in the initial stage, do not try to include more services. Offer basic services such as dog-walking, sitting, etc. Provide a few services to the customers and ensure that the quality is really good. Once your brand becomes well established in the market, you can encompass additional services such as pet grooming, pet training, daycare, and more. No matter how many services you provide, each service should be offered with the utmost care and high quality. 

Decide the sources of revenue:

There are three major sources of revenue present if you have a dog-walking service. They are explained elaborately here.

Pay per transaction:

For each request that is served via your app, you can charge a fixed amount. So, more the requests you serve more the revenue. 


You can display ads for your dog-walkers or sitters and increase their online visibility. You can also run ads related to other pet businesses. 

Surge prices:

When the demand is high in a particular region, then the pricing for the service you provide can go up. This price is calculated with the help of an algorithm employed in the app. 

List the attributes to be included:

The next major phase is to decide on the features that will be a part of your app. When you come down to this phase, you would have analyzed all the market statistics. So include the necessary features. Have separate panels for each of the roles available and incorporate multiple registration options. For the convenience of the customer, encompass multiple payment gateways, and send push notifications regarding the new offers and updates. 

Develop an app:

The final stage is the dog walking app development. You have to choose the most efficient app development company and build your app. Make sure that the developers who develop your app are trained well and highly-skilled. 

Give a clear view of your business requirements to the developing team. Design a layout and develop a prototype based on it before you build the actual app. This will help you develop a highly-optimized app for your dog-walking service.