How to become successful with Uber for Handyman business?

The on-demand services app acts as a marketplace for people to find the requisite services. It can be considered as an all-in-one stop to find all the relevant services required by the customers. According to IBIS World, the on-demand service market is valued at $5 billion as of 2019 and is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. 

The competition in the on-demand sector is tremendous. Hence, it requires certain unique strategies to stand apart and become successful in this sector. This article highlights the major factors that contribute to the success of Uber for Handyman app.

Ways to become successful with a Handyman app 

Provide options: Customers always like to choose the best services from the options offered. Try to offer some unique services in addition to the regular services. For instance, the repair of home appliances is not offered by popular service providers. It will be helpful if the technician renders services to repair electrical devices. 

Assistance: When customers lack clarity in choosing the right services, they can select the questionnaire option wherein relevant questions related to issues, based on their answers, relevant services are offered to customers.

Professionalism: Reputed on-demand service providers such as UrbanClap offer standard training protocol for all its employees. They are well-versed in the niche of services. The same could be done for your service app. It is crucial to gain customer satisfaction, as this will be the main factor in determining customer retention. 

Also, make sure the service provider in your app uploads a selfie wearing a uniform before attending customer service. It will increase the credibility among customers and viable marketing strategies to promote your brand.

Badges: When apps provide detailed information for each service provider, customers will not have the time to go through everything. They often discard this information. You can capture their attention by offering in badges to service executives like a punctual, reliable, best service provider, and so on. The artificial intelligence algorithm and big data analysis can be performed to sort through customer reviews and offer relevant badges to the service provider.

Transparent fares: Charge appropriately based on the service rendered. Send invoices to the customers once the service is rendered. The invoice should comprise of the breakup that includes fare calculation details for each segment, such as service charge, time spent, and taxes. 

Manage business operations effectively through these features

The customer’s requests can be attended promptly by adopting these features as part of the admin panel.  Here some of the exclusive aspects to included as part of the admin panel,

Interactive dashboard: It is a control center to manage the entire operation regarding apps functioning. The revenue details, manpower details, and other business-related information are part of the dashboard. Admin can view the status of the customer requests and can attend to any grievances they face through these panels. 

Manage service providers: The service provider enrollment process can be verified and managed through the admin app. It has an inbuilt scanner to verify the authenticity of the service provider. The heat map can be used to analyze the current demand, and service providers can be allocated in those areas to manage requests. 

Payment panel: The payments panel will be automatically updated after deducting the service charges for every customer request. Admins can alter the commission deduction percentage in this panel, and the changes will be made automatically.

Analytics: The crucial insights are offered to users based on revenues. Business insights can be helpful to evaluate the current status, and the relevant changes can be made for betterment for apps’ prospects. 


On-demand service sectors are a huge market, as there are many services to offer to customers. These are many areas that remain unexplored in the on-demand sector. Incorporating the latest technology and full-fledged business strategies are some of the ways to widen the customer base for your business. It would be beneficial to acquire the assistance of a reputed development company to provide support for on-demand handyman service app development. As they have the expert team to provide tested strategies for apps’ success.