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What is Gojek clone?

It is a ready to use multi-service app solution using which entrepreneurs can create a Super app that provides ‘N’ number of on-demand services. More than 60 different services like ride-hailing, food delivery, on-demand service professional booking, car rental, and payment services can be provided in a single application. The solution is fully customized and feature-packed. This will help in fulfilling all the needs of customers and enhance the overall user experience. 

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Introduction to Gojek

Gojek is a multi-demand services application that has its presence in countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. With 18 different products offered to the users, it handles more than 3 million orders a day. It has dominated the Southeast Asian market. Gojek competes with the likes of Grab, Uber, Lyft, and Gett in the industry. This is the reason why the demand for a white-label Gojek clone has increased in recent times.

The latest developments related to Gojek

  • It has partnered with Facebook to support the business operations of micro, small, and medium enterprises through GoStore. This will provide a seamless experience for shoppers while they purchase their products. The small entrepreneurs will benefit from training programs and community partnerships for ramping up their business.
  • Niu, an electric scooter maker has decided to supply its battery-powered two-wheelers to Gojek as it aims to grow beyond China. The benefits include greater energy efficiency, lower expenses on fuel consumption, and cleaner air. 
  • Gojek also plans to expand its business across other countries apart from its headquarters in Indonesia. 
  • A potential talk of a whopping $18 billion merger with Tokopedia, an e-commerce company is also in the process. 
  • Gojek received a $150 million investment from Telkomsel, an Indonesian telecom company that specializes in wireless networks. This will help in reducing the cost of mobile data used by the driver-partners of Gojek. 
  • It purchased a 22% stake in Bank Jago, an Indonesian financial institution. Digital banking services will be offered for the users through integration with the GoPay payment platform.

Why do apps like Gojek have a bright future ahead?

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  • They can create a big socio-economic impact in the nations that they operate since their business model is based on service-sharing.
  • Since it is a decacorn now, equivalent to 10 unicorns, it has ambitious plans to expand the services to different cities.
  • Gojek recognized before that it cannot solely survive on its ride-sharing business alone, hence it is offering various services like food delivery and digital payments to sustain strongly in the market. 
  • It can bear high operating costs with billions of dollars of venture capital support.
  • Gojek is also planning the launch of an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in 2021 to raise more funds.
  • It has a strong ecosystem in place to deal with market fluctuations and other changes. This has made Gojek highly adaptable to ever-evolving consumer behaviour. 
  • Almost a decade since Gojek emerged in the market, all its major services are generating healthy profits now indicating robust financial metrics due to a rise in monthly active users and gross transaction value (GTV). 
  • As business enterprises embrace digitization in their day-to-day operations, Gojek’s importance will grow further.

The core characteristics of the Gojek clone app

The different solutions in the app

Bike rental, e-bike rental, taxi-hailing, carpooling, and shuttle services. The delivery business includes pick up and drop of food, water, flowers, medicines, recreational drugs, alcohol, and groceries directly to the users’ doorstep.

On-demand services

available for plumbers, courier boys, doctors, carpenters, beauticians, babysitters, maids, gym trainers, physiotherapists, travel agents, painters, security guards, property agents, barbers, caterers, firefighters, yoga masters, translators, psychologists, designers, tutors, and mechanics. 

Multi-currency support

Acceptance of the leading digital and fiat currencies. 

Very user-friendly

A highly user-friendly design that works smoothly in various devices and operating platforms.

Advance booking option

Booking can be done beforehand to avoid waiting time to avail a service.

Technical support

It is rendered in numerous languages 24×7.

A robust admin panel

It keeps a real-time watch over the daily business operations.

A social media login facility

Facilitates quick registration of new users on the platform. 

An in-app chat facility

Enables smooth communication between the user and the service provider.

Contactless delivery option

Ensuring a high level of safety for customers.

An integrated referral program

The existing users get exciting rewards and loyalty points when they add new users to the platform. 

Access to order history

Users will get to know their buying patterns and the availability of transaction history to be aware of their past payment activity. 

The issue of push notifications

Information is circulated round the clock about the latest offers, discounts, software updates, and more. 

An inbuilt rating and review system

Users can publish their feedback publicly after using the services.

Integration with payment gateways and digital wallets

This ensures the smooth transfer of funds by the users.

Real-time tracking

Users can monitor the status of orders and the booking of cabs.

Additional paid plugins

Call masking, kiosk booking, publishing banner ads, video streaming, and blacklisting or blocking any fraudulent service provider on the platform. 

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The role played by drivers in the White-label Gojek like app

multi services app

  • Accept or reject the bookings whenever requests are made by passengers.
  • They can keep their availability switch either on or off.
  • In-app Google Map navigation must be used to ensure that the drivers complete their trips quickly by using the shortest available route between pickup and the drop point.
  • The dashboard displays the details of the trips finished and the earnings. 
  • Drivers can do multiple tasks like bike riding, courier delivery, and food delivery to earn more income. 

What can merchants do in the On-demand Multi-service app solution?

  • Manage their inventory on a real-time basis to ensure that their product never goes out of stock.
  • Offering different time slots for customers to order the products of their choice seamlessly. It can include details like the timing of their store, the time taken for delivery, and fees imposed for packaging. 
  • The delivery radius can be set within which the products of the store will be directly delivered to the customer’s doorstep. 
  • The dashboard showcases information about past, current, and new incoming orders. It also displays the accepted payment methods and the earning reports by calculating the total number of orders processed and the amount received as income. 

How the white-label multi-service app assists courier delivery personnel

  • Whenever the user chooses a delivery request on the app, a notification is instantly sent to the concerned courier delivery boy.
  • He accepts the pickup request and goes to the customer’s location quickly to pick up the goods.
  • Once the courier has been delivered, he will receive the required payment from the customer either online or in cash.

The step by step procedure incorporated for Gojek like app development

  • Understanding the business requirements of the firm. 
  • Preparing a detailed framework or an outline of the project.
  • Signing the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). 
  • Developing the White-label clone and adding the brand name, logo, UI/UX design, and colour theme to personalize it. 
  • Adding all the necessary features in the solution.
  • Showcasing a demo version where you can test the app’s initial functionality.
  • Listing the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Launching the white-label multi-service app officially in the market. 
  • Guidance provided by knowledgeable industry experts.
  • Scalability is ensured by meeting the growth expectations of the business. 
  • Providing 24×7 technical support and issuing necessary software updates. 

How to use the Multi-service app solution?

  • The users must register on the platform by submitting their personal information.
  • The list of services available in their location will be available. 
  • They can opt for any service that they need by selecting it on the platform. 
  • Once they have received the services that they had chosen before, they can make the required payment through digital wallets, debit, and credit cards.
  • They can rate the quality of the service through the inbuilt feedback mechanism. 

The major advantages of the Gojek clone script

  • Better brand awareness leading to more business traction in the market.
  • Access to multiple services through an all-in-one solution.
  • An easy expansion of the user base of the enterprise leading to improved financial prospects.
  • The constant inflow of revenue via commission and in-app advertisements.
  • A high level of transparency contributing to a friendly user experience.
  • Access to cutting-edge technology. 
  • Frequent maintenance support enhancing the overall functionality of the solution. 

The total Gojek clone app cost 

  • It varies depending on the business needs, the choice of features, the extent of customization, and the technology stack used. 
  • The overall budget is very affordable when compared to developing the same solution from scratch.
  • The expenses may increase depending on the complexity of the Android app, iOS app, admin panel, and billing panel. 
  • No extra fees are imposed and a 100% customized solution is delivered on time to perfectly fulfill your requirements. 
  • We also provide a 100% source code, a free demo session, and no-cost bug support.

Why choose us for Gojek like app development?

  • We have immense experience in the industry and use cutting-edge technologies in our services.
  • Our knowledgeable team ensures the complete satisfaction of customers and will achieve the desired results quickly. 
  • Round the clock customer support is rendered in numerous languages.
  • The solution offered is fully customizable and completely scalable.
  • Periodic maintenance services are provided to keep the app functioning smoothly without any interruption. 

As seen above, the Gojek clone is a game-changing solution that helps you to become the leader of your industry in a short while.

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