GoJek Clone: App Functions And Features

An app like GoJek is a powerful conglomeration of multiple services for customers. The application enables the user to enjoy complete accessibility and instant gratification of all needs with a single installation. An investment into GoJek Clone application will help entrepreneurs gain multiple revenues. Entrepreneurs earn a commission when the clients and service providers register in their app. 

How Does The App Work?

The application is available both for Android and iOS users. The customers have to download the app on the first note. Then the user has to do the registration process by filling in all the necessary details. Users can select from the list of desired services and use them. 

Below is some information for a user to use the ride-hailing service from GoJek clone app

  • The customer who is in need to hail a taxi ride has to provide a pick-up location for the journey and the source destination to commence the trip. The user also has the option of selecting the type of cab for the ride. 
  • The drivers who are available in the closest location of the customer will get notified. Then the driver will accept the ride. 
  • Once the driver confirms the trip, the user will get notified about the trip details and information about the driver and taxi. 
  • The application has another feature of allowing the user to communicate with the driver and vice versa to know more details about the ride. Other than that, once the cab driver reaches the pick-up point, the user will receive a notification. 
  • The trip begins and when the destination has been reached, the customer and the driver receive an invoice from the app about the payment. A user can choose any mode of remittance for the trip. 

Steps To Use Food Delivery Application

  • A user places an order for food from the desired restaurant. All the drivers in the proximity receive the request of the order. 
  • The bearer who accepts the request is supposed to deliver the food. After taking the order, the details of the delivery are notified. 
  • The restaurant receives the order request and starts preparing the food.
  • The user has the option of tracking the delivery process and details of the delivery person. Also, with the help of GPS, the customer can find the delivery route and the exact time of food delivery. 
  • Once the restaurant prepares the food, the bearer collects it by giving the order number of food and delivers to the customer’s address. 
  • The customer can use any mode payment, either online or by cash. 
  • Bearer marks delivered, once the food is provided to the customer. The customer can rate the food delivery service in the app.

Wrapping Up

All services like these are integrated into an app like gojek. The user finds convenience in using the application, and their needs are gratified instantly. GoJek like app helps the entrepreneur set foot into the right business and shine among their counterparts. Funding for a ready-made GoJek clone app will abound the earning in no time. 

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