Gojek-Apps – Functioning-and-Essential-Features

Gojek Apps – Functioning and Essential Features

What is a Gojek App? How did it come into sight?

Gojek was first brought into vision in the year 2010 in Indonesia. The Initial idea of Gojek was to provide new raid hailing services like bike rides and courier services to reduce the travel and traffic distress for people. In 2015, Gojek introduced its mobile application with only 3 services like Go-Ride for raid hailing, Go-Send for package delivery services and Go-Mart for in-store deliveries and coupons. Today, Gojek has emerged to provide more than 20 services. The concept of the modern Gojek app is “ Multiple Services with One Platform” With every passing day, Gojek Apps are becoming widely popular and have more demand in the market as customers prefer apps like these with multiple services rather than having multiple apps with one single service. 

Now let’s discuss how Gojek functions and how is it reliable than the other apps providing one single service. 

How does Gojek Apps work? What benefit do you get from using Gojek Apps?

Even though there are multiple services provided in one single app with Gojek, the process of opting a service is as simple and convenient as any other app. The user just has to sign up and register, select which one they want to avail out of the multiple provided services, specify the items required and their location. The final step will take you to the payment page, where you will be given choices of preference to pay like Cash On Delivery, Debit/ Credit Card, and other mediums like Google Pay etc.

 The present materialized Gojek app provides you with some general services which are food delivery, groceries, flower delivery, ride hailing etc. But there are also few services available with the app that are unique and appealing to the customers like Laundry Services, Massages, Dog Walking, Home Doctors, Beauticians, Physiotherapists, Fitness Coaches, Baby sitters etc. Who wouldn’t love when a single app provides you with everything you need at your doorstep? That is why Gojek is completely beneficiary and impressive for the customers especially within this current modern generation. 

If you’re an entrepreneur who is thrilled to use /develop an app like Gojek, here are some basic essential features for you to go about, 

  • Profile: The user has to sign up and register his/ her profile to avail the services and to have the history of their orders. 
  • Live-Tracking: This feature is mandatory for every app as the customer gets to track the status of their delivery, estimated time of arrival.
  • Payment Method: Different payment method choices will help the customers pick their preference. 
  • Scheduling: With this feature, the customer can pre-book their services for later use.
  • Rating and reviews: This is also one of the most important features as to let the customer express their views on the services and to choose better for future purposes. 

There’s no doubt in today’s world, app like Gojek will go way higher in aspects of revenue in the market and has a lot of potential. It is utterly beneficiary and totally relatable to the current active lifestyle.