Enhance your business with a robust On-demand Courier Delivery App Development

Courier delivery has become costly and time-consuming. The private courier delivery services take a minimum of one day to deliver the goods irrespective of the location. People need quick and reliable services for their courier delivery. The online courier service overcomes these shortcomings. Technology, like blockchain, provides safety and security for the details of customers. The GPS service ensures the timely delivery of parcels. It assists in updating the users on their parcel status from time to time. Uber for Courier App is gaining popularity amongst people, mainly due to these advantages. On-Demand Courier Delivery App Development has three different modules, such as user, admin, and delivery agent application.

Postmates is one of the top online courier services in the US. It makes an average of 5 million deliveries per month, and its service is accessible to 135 million people in the US alone. Postmates’ revenue increased by 60% in three years after its inception.  

Existing courier business owners and budding entrepreneurs can easily venture into this on-demand startup. The only focus before launching this startup should be making the app solution, which is the core. Nowadays, ready-made app scripts for courier delivery startups are available.

 Let’s look at the features and technicalities of Uber For Courier Clone Script:-

  • Geolocation

 Real-time tracking is a fundamental part of the courier delivery services. The users can be updated on the progress of their package. The Geolocation facilitates users to make use of the current location feature. On the other hand, delivery agents can easily pinpoint the location to be delivered. 

The technology used in Geolocation is

For device location – Core location framework(iOS) and Google location’s API (Android)

For navigation- MapKit(iOS) and Google Maps Android API

  • Notifications

The notification feature updates users at every stage of the process. Users can be given the option to choose amongst the type of notification they wish to receive like SMS, mail, etc. On the other hand, delivery agents get notifications when they receive requests from users.

The technology used in the notification are

  1. Apple Push Notification Service(iOS)
  2. Google Cloud Messaging(Android)

  • In-App communication

The app enables streamlined communication between users and delivery agents. Users can call delivery professionals for any queries, specific instructions, etc. These are examples of in-app communication. In-app communication requires a Wi-fi connection in users and delivery agents device. 

  • Payment Gateway

A courier delivery service application should support multiple payment options like Credit/debit card, Digital wallets like Paytm, Net banking, and other payment options. Braintree is a gateway that is widely used in the mobile payment market to accept card payments. Stripe is also a payment gateway used in popular applications like Postmates.

Factors to be considered while developing the business for Uber for courier services:-

  • Deliver globally

Customers will prefer parcel delivery services that are functioning globally. It is a useful feature as it allows customers to deliver the products anywhere they want.

  • Outsourcing

The app owners should partner with third-party delivery service executives to increase the demand and provide service for a wide range of customers. It will attract more customers.

  • Automated process:

Make the entire process automatic. Manually assigning delivery executives will not work in today’s world. Include algorithms in your app to assign delivery agents automatically.

  • An optimized app:

The Uber for courier app should provide users with attractive features for easy navigation. Search filters and favorite lists will help the users find the information they want easily. 


People prefer On-demand courier service platforms rather than traditional methods nowadays. It means that the business prospects of the online parcel services are prospering across the globe. This is the right time to venture into these parcel delivery services. People can make use of ready-made solutions as Appdupe offers a comprehensive Uber for the courier clone app with attractive features. Clients can customize their name, logo, and many other factors according to their requirements. It provides a user interface developed using the latest technologies. This will attract more customers to use. It is challenging to create an Uber for courier services app from scratch so entrepreneurs can make use of this excellent opportunity.