Build a revenue-generating Spotify clone app for your venture.

Everyone considers music as one of the most important parts of our lives. Back in the olden days, people used gramophones to listen to music. A few years after that, people made use of radios, and it slowly came to tape recorders. Then came the MP3 players, iPods, and more, which was portable and easy to use. Over the years, devices people use to listen to music have changed, but the listening part has remained constant. 

Listening to music – the different way:

At present, everyone has access to music at their fingertips. With a smartphone, an easy to use the app, and just a few taps, anyone can listen to any songs they love. Apps like Spotify, Gaana, Wynk, etc., have been ruling the audio streaming industry for a few years. Everyone has adapted to this recent trend. Several business owners have also launched a similar app in the market. Any businessperson who has plans to launch a similar app in the audio streaming industry can approach the best team of developers and build a Spotify clone app in no time. 

Benefits of a music streaming app:

The audio streaming app has multiple advantages for business owners as well as users. A few of them are listed below:

Business owner benefits:

  • The app will provide business owners with multiple sources of revenue, such as advertising, subscriptions, and more. This will help you earn on a regular basis. 
  • Businesspersons can set up this business with reduced investment, but its returns will multiply with time. App development is the only major investment required when launching one such business. 
  • You can provide a variety of users with different music preferences. As the user base grows, you can add a wide range of songs from different genres. This will provide access to users of all preferences. 

User benefits:

  • Users do not have to purchase a separate device for listening to music anymore. They can just download the app from the app store and listen to any song they like. 
  • Also, users will be provided with multiple subscription options by the admin. Users can choose any of their choices, subscribe to it, and listen to unlimited songs at any time of their day without any interference. 
  • Another major advantage is that users can listen to music without any ads playing in between. They can enjoy uninterrupted streaming via the app. 

How does an app like Spotify work?

Make sure the workflow of your app is simple and attractive. Users should feel that the app is easy to navigate through, as mentioned below:

  • The admin will have to talk to the official music label owners in order to obtain broadcasting rights. 
  • After approval, the admin will have to pay royalty in exchange for the rights. 
  • The admin uploads the songs to the cloud and then to the music streaming platform. 
  • Users download the audio streaming app and install it on their smartphones. 
  • They must sign up with the app and subscribe to the premium packages if required. 

After a successful subscription, users can listen to songs anytime they want. 

Monetization strategies of a Spotify clone app:

The audio streaming app has various sources of revenue that will benefit business owners.

The Freemium model:

With an audio streaming app, you can offer the basic features of the app at free of cost. If the users wish to unlock all the premium features of the app, they will have to pay a fixed amount, after which they will be able to enjoy all the attributes. 


Also, as business owners, you can provide membership packages to your users. If users need to get access to all songs available in the app, they will have to subscribe to any one of the packages provided. After the validity of the subscription is over, users will have to renew it by paying a fixed subscription charge. 


You can enter into a partnership with other business owners and host their ads on your app. Brand owners will have to pay a fixed fee for displaying the ad. Once the validity expires, they can choose to renew the advertisement partnership. 

Promotions and listings:

You can allow various music artists to promote their songs via your streaming platform. Artists will have to pay a fixed promotional fee that will be valid for a fixed time period. If they want to continue promoting their songs, they have to pay the fee again. 

Launch your audio streaming app now!

Setting up your brand in the audio streaming industry will involve lower investments and high returns. This is a major factor that has grabbed the attention of several entrepreneurs towards this industry. Start building your brand in the market with an optimized Spotify clone iOS and Android compatible app right away.