All-in-one guide about Airmeet Clone application:

The truth is accepted that the coronavirus or the lockdown will not end anytime soon. But just like they say, time and tide wait for none, the companies have also started to introduce some new technologies into their businesses. To keep their businesses straight, they have started to rely on digital communication and the result is, increased reach of apps like Airmeet. 

Not that these apps have a profit only during the COVID-19 lockdown, but this can be used for so many other scenarios even after the same. So, with the hope that you are looking for a positive outcome of your business, we would recommend the Airmeet clone app.  

Why choose an Airmeet clone? 

Airmeet, the platform for hosting virtual events, online meetups and webinars has grown nearly 2000% in the last quarter only through the word of mouth, by gaining one new customer per hour. 

This is one of the main reasons why you should take up the AirMeet Clone app as your business venture.

Features of the Airmeet clone:

The below listed features come under the User app category.

  • Real-time document editing:

As an elevation to productivity, the Airmeet clone lets users upload, edit and discuss the documents and presentations at real-time. 

  • Live streaming:

Takes the content’s reach diverse, by live streaming them to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc. 

  • Raise hands and reactions:

Online meetings can be transformed into a much interactive session using virtual hand-raising for professional meetings and reactions for chats with friends. 

  • Text messaging: 

This feature allows users to chat with the participants of the meeting to clarify the doubts or any misunderstandings.

  • Record meetings:

The feature allows you to record both video and the audio of the conference so that you won’t miss any important points said during the meeting.

  • Background blur:

The users can make their digital environment look more presentable by blurring the background. 

  • Schedule meeting:

By using this feature, users or hosts can conduct meetings according to their time of convenience. This feature highly avoids irregularity. The reminders and notifications does the job here. 

  • Public/Private video conference:

With this feature, users can access their privacy according to their choice. 

  • Mute/Unmute participants:

The meeting host can have mute/unmute participants according to their wish. Besides the individual participants to mute or unmute themselves. 

For admin app:

  • Dashboard: 

Provides the admin feature to scrutinize over the platform with efficiency. 

  • Analytics:

The app’s performance and status of health metrics can be viewed by this. 

  • Subscription management:

The subscription plans can be modified by the admins based on the trends of the market.

  • Payment Method Manager:

The app can be embedded with multiple payments options to provide the users convenience.

  • Role management:

Admins can be able to split up some critical parts of their role to the sub-admins for smooth business operations.

  • User management:

The access to the database of the users is conferred to the admins for quality assurance.

  • Membership management:

Admins can upgrade or downgrade the membership of the users with respect to their subscription to premium features. 

Businesses that can be benefited:

  • Information Technology: 

For providing the best experience of work-from-home.

  • Banking and financial services: 

For a faster transaction using video banking.

  • Global businesses:

For avoiding any miscommunications or misunderstanding and offering secure- video channels. 

  • Legal:

 Judicial consultation and case preparation can be done without having to meet in-person. 

  • Healthcare: 

For relentless medical care and support to the patients.

  • Government affairs: 

For officials to reach for the masses to solve their queries from different geographical locations. 

App Development:

  1. Development of the app from scratch involves coding and a lot of time and effort. The coding part cannot be just taken care of but it needs a group of members such as project managers, front-end and back-end developers, UI/UX Designers, QA engineers etc.

Every feature you add should be explained in a proper way to the developers. But above all, before diving into the development. There are other things that need to be taken care of. Those are planning, analysing the market, creating a strategy about how your app is going to stand out from the crowd. 

  1. Airmeet clone script lets you not to develop but to launch the app directly without any coding part involved for you. The scripts are the ready-made solutions that are readily integrable. They are customizable. 

The developers at  Appdupe provide you with the exclusive application with the unique features according to your needs. Here, the themes, designs and features can also be altered. Therefore, you have to develop your needs for the app and then your app is ready to be launched. 


As more workers continue to work remotely, the demand for the video conferencing app like Airmeet is also increasing. In case you are choosing the Airmeet clone script for launching your application then don’t wait further and hurry!!