eBay clone script

A guide to launching your feature-rich eBay clone script in the ecommerce market

Wish to enter the eCommerce industry? You can easily do so with the best-in-class app. There are many entrepreneurs who have entered the eCommerce market and have proved to be successful in a short time. You can also be a crucial part of this growing industry with a customized eBay clone script for your venture. Before you set foot in this market, you need to be aware of a few statistics:

  • According to Shopify Plus, in the year 2021, worldwide e-commerce sales will hit $4.9 trillion.
  • By the year 2040, more than 95% of shopping will be done online via eCommerce sites.
  • In the US, customers, on average, spend a total of $1,800 on shopping online, and customers in the UK spend around $1,600.
  • Due to the time flexibility provided by online shops, more than 58% of the people around the world prefer online shopping.
  • Mobile e-commerce alone will account for 72.9% of e-commerce sales by the year 2021. Currently, around 51% of people purchase their products online, and there are around 2 billion people who shop online at present.
  • Also, the e-commerce auction industry is growing by 13% annually. In the next 5 years, the e-commerce market is expected to grow exponentially.

What is eBay and how does it function?

eBay is an e-commerce platform where products can be sold and purchased. Items can also be sold on an auction basis. It is a platform that comprises the C2C and the B2B sales model. It was launched in the year 1995 and users were amazed by the features it offered.

  • Buyers and sellers can register with the app and upload the products they want to sell or access products they want to buy.
  • The user who places the highest bid via the app will be allowed to buy the product.
  • Wholesale sellers can also sell their products via the eBay app.
  • Secure payment gateways are also available in the app to instantly pay for the products.

Platforms similar to eBay in the market:

There are many efficient e-commerce platforms available in the market that have been well-established in the past few years. Below-mentioned is a few of them:


Launched in the year 1994, Amazon is one of the topmost e-commerce platforms at present in the market. Most users lean towards this app to buy any product.


This was one of the most sought-after e-commerce platforms in the year 2017. It is a medium-scale business, but the turnover is pretty good. It also has the auction facility in it.


It is a well-established platform that mainly sells handmade items and vintage goods. It was found in the year 2005, and at present, the platform has around 1.4 million active users.

Auction King:

The platform sells designer watches, bags, jewellery, and has the highest level of seller profit. It has a good amount of user base.


This e-commerce platform came to the market in the year 2009 and introduced a new approach to buying products. Users had to buy credits, and they had to pay using the credits. Users were also allowed to sell products via the auction feature.

Features of an e-commerce platform like eBay clone script:

features of ebay clone script

The eBay clone script you purchase for your business should have role-based panels with the respective features as mentioned below:

User app:

  • OTP-based login:
    Users should be allowed to quickly log in to the e-commerce app by specifying the One-Time Password they receive on their phone numbers.
  • Cart:
    Users must be able to add any products or items to the cart and purchase them later. They should be able to add any number of products to the cart.
  • Search filters:
    Also, the app should have multiple filters that will help users find the right item instantly. Filters such as brand, colour, etc., can be included in the filters section.
  • Notifications:
    Information regarding offers, new arrivals, etc., should be sent to users via text messages, email, and push notifications.
  • Order status:
    Users must be able to check the status of their order via the app. Other details such as order confirmation, transaction status, etc., should also be available in the app.
  • Secure payment modes:
    The app should have a multitude of payment modes, such as credit/debit cards, net banking, and more.
  • Reviews and ratings:
    Users must be able to rate the product or item they purchase and provide any reviews in the suitable section.

Vendor panel:

  • List products:
    Vendors should be able to upload their list of products to the app. They must be able to add any number of items to the e-commerce app.
  • Accept orders:
    Vendors must be able to review buyers’ orders and accept them as per the stock availability.
  • Offers and coupons:
    Vendors should be able to provide offers or discounts to users from time to time if required.
  • Earnings:
    Vendors should also be able to view their earnings by navigating to the earning page in the app.
  • Bulk orders:
    If wholesale sellers, they should be able to sell products or items in bulk to the buyer instantly.
  • Access to bids:
    They should also be able to view the bids placed by users for the products they have listed in the app and accept the highest bid.

Admin panel:

  • Powerful dashboard:
    The panel should contain tools that will help admins manage the e-commerce platform efficiently using.
  • Manage users:
    Admins must be able to manage their users effectively and get access to all user-related data. They should also be able to modify, update, or delete any user data when required.
  • Manage stocks:
    Admins must be able to administer the stock availability instantly. This will help them update any product related details to the app.
  • Rewards:
    Admins should be able to provide rewards or prizes to users when required.


With these informative insights, you will be able to launch an optimized app like eBay in the market. Find the best and most suitable eBay clone app development company in the market and go ahead with the app development process.